South Apollo Hospital, Barishal OPD (Out-Patient) and Admitted Patients (among patients). We offer psychotherapy (counseling) using a variety of standard psychological theories to analyze the underlying problem and provide treatment through psychotherapeutic techniques. We serve patients with a variety of psychological and behavioral problems. Such as - Adults and children suffer from anxiety disorders such as phobias, separation anxiety, reactive attachment disorders, abuse problems (physical, mental, sexual), conversion, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, adjustment problems, health concerns. Mentally handicapped children with disabilities and developmental disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, autism, behavioral problems in children and lack of attention. Also, with the help of experienced doctors at South Apollo Hospital, Depression, Adolescent Mental Health Disorders, Emotional Control Disorders, Personality Disorders, Psycho-Sexual Disorders, Eating Disorders, Gender Identity Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Schizophrenia Patients, Aspirin, Bipolar Disorder, Mental problems caused by chronic illness such as cardiac disease, stroke, cancer, AIDS, etc.